Source Code Simple Inventory System with Python

In this session i want share about How to make simple inventory system using python programming language and SQLite as database storage. Python is a computer programming language that lets work faster and convenient because of its user - friendly environment. Python supports packages and modules, which encourage a developer to program in a modularity and reusable way.. So let's now do the coding.

Getting started
First you will have to download & install the Python IDLE's, here's the link for the Integrated Development And Learning Environment for Python

Installing SQLite Browser
After you installed Python, we will now then install the SQLite, here's the link for the DB Browser for SQLite

Importing Modules
After setting up the installation and the database, run the IDLE and click file and then new file. After that a new window will appear containing a black file this will be the text editor for the python.

Download Source Code Simple Inventory System with Python